Learning French in France
Lessons of French and accommodation in Paris, on the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur), on the Atlantic Coast or in Provence,
For Adults, Teens and Kids, or Teachers of French as a foreign language
Learning French in France

French in France gathers three of the main French language schools teaching French learning abroad.
Accord Langues in Paris, Centre International d'Antibes of the French Riviera, and Atoll Juniors offer a complete range of courses including short term programs and long term French courses for adults, immersion and vacation language camps for kids and teens as well as an extremely high rate of success to the DELF, DALF and TCF exams.
French in France also offers French culture courses such as Wine and cooking in Antibes, Art in French in Paris, French language vacation for parents and kids on the Riviera as well as long programs combining Paris and the Cote d'Azur, French and law in Paris, French and tourism in Paris, and a budget package including accommodation in Antibes.

French lessons:
Various levels for your needs, depending on your age

From 18 years of age, several destinations and a set of programs adapted to your needs
Teens and Kids
9 to 17 years old, the diversity of our destinations. One main concern: the security of our students
Teachers of French
For Foreign Teachers of the French Language. Destinations: Cannes and Paris
Programs especially conceived for Juniors or Adults with little or no experience of the French language
Advanced Level
Programs of specialisation, especially conceived for Adults with an advanced level in French

French immersion:
Various destinations for your enjoyment

Paris, capital of France, city of lights. Programs for Adults, Juniors and Foreign Teachers of French
Heart of the Cote d'Azur (French Riviera). Programs for Adults and Juniors, Beginners or Advanced Level
The International Film Festival, shopping streets, and sandy beaches. Programs for Juniors and Teachers
The Cote d'Azur capital. Land of creation, research, cultural exchange and of tourism and leisure
In Provence, the French capital of sailing. Programs for Juniors, with special programs mixing French and sailing
On the Atlantic coast, the French capital of board surfing. Programs for Juniors

Many of our destinations offer the choice of accommodation: A total immersion in the French language and culture, with an accommodation in a French family, or choose between our luxurious yet affordable residences. For a total freedom, enjoy our partner hotels.

Why learn to speak French abroad today?

While learning French at home could take many years for you to pick up a few words and phrases, learning abroad will help you learn the French language well, learn it quickly and learn it in a way that will actually allow you to use your new skills.
A French language school of high quality will help you learn French most effectively and efficiently.
Of course, you will learn differently, whether you are an adult or a teenager. That is why we offer language schools for grown ups as wells as immersion camps for kids and teens.

Our French schools are well-known for their quality of teaching:

Centre International d'Antibes school is member of SOUFFLE (French language label of quality) and EAQUALS (Swiss international label of quality).

Accord Langues school is member of SOUFFLE (French language label of quality), Maison de la France and ELITE (association for language teachers).

Atoll Juniors schools are member of SOUFFLE (French language label of quality) and EAQUALS (Swiss international label of quality).